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vrf *IDN? syntac

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 6, 2003
Dear all,

I am developing a cheap GPIB interface board to be used in dedicated
measurement setups providing digital I/O and dedicated additional functions,
e.g. such as stepper drive. ...

I implemented the identification code that can be retrieved using the
command *IDN?. I followed the guidelines found on the Agilent web site, i.e.
to have four fields separated by commas.

Although I can read the identification string using *IDN? and a subsequent
read command in VEE, the VEE instrument manager is not able to read the
proper device name when scanning the bus.

What is wrong?

Hans-Joachim Fischer

Brennerweg 7
D-89143 Blaubeuren
+49-7344-919691 (fax)
+49-175-40 74 5 74 (GSM)

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