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vrf Stip charts and array data

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 18, 2001
Hi Peter,

I think this is one you have to work at....  I had a similar application
once but with multiple traces that a user could select to view N of M.  My
solution was to hold all the data in a 2D array and have a 'switch' to pipe
in the relevant columns to the X vs Y plot.  Axis scaling can be controlled
via the control input pin to give the desired viewing window. 

Alternatively, you might consider an ActiveX control.  One that I looked at
was a strip chart from IOCOMP ( although a quick surf of the
web will likely reveal lots of goodies.

Regarding the SCROLL bars - note these are MODAL i.e. all other VEE activity
stops whilst they are active!!  (No execution of parallel threads etc).

Hope this helps,


Andy Street
Technical Consultant
Agilent Technologies
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