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vrf Can VEE call an executable? - Postscript

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 29, 2001
    Out of interest I downloaded the probe assist program - looks as though
it could be of use to production engineering type situations.
Interestingly there is a similar display in one of the VEE examples in
Applicationsmfgtest.vee which uses a bitmap but I could see this program
being useful if there are several images you want to use and modify, add
tool tips etc.  I tried running probe assist from vee and I found that you
need to put in the DOS path name for both the program and data file.  This
is odd because VEE is normally quite happy to accept "c:program files..."
etc but there you have it.  It runs.

Anybody interested in the freeware link here it is again:

Mike Watts

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