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vrf Data acquisition... again

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 4, 2002
Hi Guys,

     Oh my goodness!!!!! This is a big f*** up.

     Mike Groves steered me right in suggesting the 34970A even though
the sampling rate is only 800/sec. I thought that was fine until I had a
closer look at the signal again. It's freaking 10 KILOHERTZ!

     I initially thought we can run it really slow but can't as the
circuitry has interpolation and even at such slow speeds, it outputs
squarewaves of at least 8kHz. This is a problem as I intend to test it at
maximum interpolation, so can't slow down further.

     Looks like I shot myself in the foot as I just requested for a

     I'm praying for a miracle...

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