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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 2, 2003
Hello list,

i did have similar problem in the past and got the following hint from

1. basic problem is windows itself as it uses just one printer during one
With Vee you can declare one printer with orientation and scaling which fits
to your needs.
2. If you need different outputs (print designs), the only chance you have
is to use a new vee program with a different "standard printer design". Then
you can call the Vee-No2 program from Vee-No1 program and so on.

I did try to use some Windows library functions according to the microsoft
help list, but it does not change the standard printer during vee runtime. I
think the solution above is currently the only one i have heard of. I also
hope to get new infos and maybe some update with better support in that area
from Agilent.

My problem was that i wanted to print my data on paper and simultanously as
a pdf file with Acrobat. Now you can get a program for 50 Euro which did it
automatically, but in the past the run of 2 vee sessions was the only
solution for that.

As i am a " rookie " on this list, i apologyse for possible mistakes ;.)

Best regards,


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Von: Kunkel, Horst []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 2. April 2003 17:21
An: VEE vrf
Betreff: [vrf] AW: printer scaling and orientation at runtime?

Hello B. Aufenanger,

thanks for your response. But (hello agilents =:o)this is solid work down to
the roots
of printing. In my opinion it should be possible to print e.g. images
and graphs stored within different panels independent from the orientation
and dimensions of that panel just by scaling and rotating
it programmatically. It seems that at runtime by no means not even changing
of the
printer is possible, its always the standard printer at start up of the
program. Or have I overlooked something?


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Von: B Aufenanger []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 2. April 2003 14:01
An: VEE vrf
Betreff: [vrf] AW: printer scaling and orientation at runtime?

Use the "toFile" object instead of the "toPrinter" object. Then you are able
to send the escape sequences to your printer.

Best regards
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Von: Kunkel, Horst []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 1. April 2003 08:59
An: VEE vrf
Betreff: [vrf] printer scaling and orientation at runtime?

Hello vrf users,

does anybody know if there is any solution to change orientation and scaling
of a function
panel printout at runtime? Selectable by the user or simply by the program
if appropriate?
Is it possible to get rid of the unwished time stamp on the printout?


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