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Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 7, 2001

We need to create a program where we are looking at a segment of data (for
example, a part of a cycle for a sine waveform).  One way we need to do it
is to input the beginning and end time, or another way is to be able to move
the cursors.  What I would like to do is have a program that would do both,
and interact. 

If you enter the beginning and end time (the array of data will first be
converted to a waveform array, with the time span determined by the number
of points in the array and the sample rate, which is typically 500
samples/second.  A typically data run will be about 10-20 minutes.  I want
to be able to input a beginning and end time for a segment (i.e. 3 minutes
and 6 minutes), click an OK button, and observe the new segmented waveform.
I would then like to enter another set a values (i.e. 8 and 12 minutes) and
repeat this, so I would need an Until object.  However, there are two other
actions I would like.  One is that every time I enter different values for
the beginning and end times, I would want the markers on the original
waveform to move to the appropriate point.  OR, and this is the real
problem, I would want to be able to physically move the markers, and both
have the beginning and endpoint entry object times change, as well as being
able to click the OK button and observe the new segmented waveform, this
time as a result of moving the cursors.  Cannot seem to do both items - can
only do one or the other.  Any suggestions?

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