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vrf- Vee and statistical options

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 27, 2001
Hi Scott,
         I have used VEE for various stats problems but (a) not of late and
(b) not yet with VEE 6, but it is something I'm likely to review later this
year.  VEE 5 should be able to help you: even though there is no direct
function for the indices you mentioned they are very easily computed ( I'm
not sure what Cu is: some kind of figure of merit related to how
centralised the data is? ).  VEE's sdev function gives what I call the
'population' standard deviation ( which is normally used ) whereas MATLAB's
offers both 'population' and 'sample'.  What I think VEE 6 will offer most
in this arena is the 3D graphing capability e.g. it would be nice to see
the time-series of several test stations on one graph, updated 'real-time'
meaning that the mfg test engr can spot product and test station trends as
early as possible.

Not too sure if I answered your question there... hope it may be of some
help though.


Mike Watts


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