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vrf the future of vee marketing?--- file location

Question asked by fukui.yutaka on Apr 1, 2004
Hi Mikhail and VRF's,

Sorry about making trouble to yourselves.

I added publication numbers (****-***EN) and its URLs to the list.

Please take a look.

(Application Note 1465-8, pub. no. 5988-9823EN $B!K (B
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BOperational Maintenance $B!I (B

(Application Note 1465-7, pub. no. 5988-9822EN $B!K (B
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BMaximizing System Throughput
and Optimizing System Deployment $B!I (B!!

(Application Note 1465-4, pub. no. 5988-9819EN)
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BChoosing Your
Test-System Software Architecture $B!I (B!!

Sorry! URL Not Found.

(Application Note 1465-3, pub. no. 5989-0123EN)
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BUnderstanding
Drivers and Direct I/O $B!I (B
(Application Note 1475-1)
"Modern Connectivity - Using USB and LAN I/O Converters"

(Application Note 1465-2, pub. no. 5988-9818EN)
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BComputer I/O Considerations $B!I (B

(Application Note 1465-1, pub. no. 5988-9747EN)
$B!H (BTest-System Development Guide $B!' (BIntroduction to Test-System Design $B!I (B!!


FUKUI Yutaka wrote:
> Hi FUKUI Yutaka,
> Would you, please, define more exactly the reference on these Application
> Notes. When I try to find these Application Notes I get only
> Test-System
> Development Guide
> Understanding Drivers and Direct I/O
> Application Note 1465-3
> Thanks in advance.
> Mikhail Kozlov

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