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Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 14, 2003
Hello Dr. Fischer,

This is rather strange. In the VISA assistant image you provided, it appears the first *IDN? request returned an empty result, then the second one returned a string as follows:

ESF GmbH,GPIB-A1,1,0

Do you know why the first *IDN? failed or was aborted?

Anyway, I have been reading some of the VEE 6.01 source code and found the following:

VEE reads the *IDN? response, and attempts to match the manufacturer name from the response to a table in VEE. The manufacturer's name extends from the first character to before the first comma (",") in the response string. In this case it's "ESF GmbH". If the manufacturer name is in the table, then VEE gets from the table a 2-letter abbreviation sanctioned by the VXI plug&play Systems Alliance.

If the manufacturer's name does not appear in the table, VEE uses the first two letters of the *IDN? response as an abbreviation. In this case, the company is not in the table, so the 2-letters chosen are "ES",

Then VEE looks for the first comma in the *IDN? response, and concatenates the 2-letter abbreviation with the substring following the first comma to the character before the next comma encountered (or the end of the string) to make the entry in Instrument Manager. In this case, the substring is "GPIB-A1"

In this case the constructed string is "ESGPIB-A1".

Finally, VEE converts the constructed string to lower case.

Given that the string from this instrument is as above, and the company name is not in the table, I believe that VEE is working as intended in this case.

If there is a VXI plug&play Systems Alliance-sanctioned 2-letter abbreviation for this company's products, and you would like to request it in a future version of VEE, please submit an enhancement request for VEE using the defect submission form on the ADN < >.


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> Subject: [vrf] *IDN? QUESTION TO AGILENT
> This is my second call for the same subject. I guess that
> only AGILENT can
> answer.
> Using VEE Pro 6.01, I/O Manager, Find Instruments, Querry for
> identification
> *IDN? seems to take just the first two letters of the
> manufacturers name,
> see attached example.
> Is this intended? If yes, what is the reason behind (Hewlett Packard
> instruments just used "HP")
> Is this caused by wrong syntax of the identification string?
> If yes, what is
> the correct syntax?
> Kind regards
> Dr. Hans-Joachim Fischer
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