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vrf Parallel threads calling same user function

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 23, 2004
> I would expect the data from each thread to be swapped
> in and out of virtual memory.

Again - I'm "virtually" certain you're giving VEE way to much credit. It's
not hard to check, and maybe I really should before I go inserting my foot
in my mouth, but I'll just about guarantee that VEE never even gets close to
managing virtual memory itself. Memory management is done with CRT malloc
and free.

Don't forget, VEE is a cross platform application. Yes, it has been evolving
on Windows but it's core is set in stone (I would be willing to bet). I'm
thinking lots of ANSI C and barely anything Windows specific at all where
not necessary.

Witness the error pin memory leak. If VEE weren't heavily dependent on
"earlier efforts", then why is this leak unfixable? In a Win32 SEH
environment, that wouldn't happen.

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