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WG: vrf Config Info HP VEE with DataTranslation acquisition card

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 2001
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"><html> <p>"Landhaeusser Felix (K5/EIM2) *" wrote:<blockquote TYPE=CITE> <span class=846165705-06042001><font face="Arial"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=-1>Hello,</font></font></font></span><span class=846165705-06042001><font face="Arial"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=-1>foreasy transfer of an application with DT open layer boards it is importantto use the same board name on every machine when installing the boardsdriver. Then the program should keep your configurations.</font></font></font></span><span class=846165705-06042001></span><span class=846165705-06042001><font face="Arial"><font color="#0000FF"><font size=-1>Theconfiguration will be lost, when changing board name and/or board type.Possibly the information will be lost in case of VEE/VPI upgrade, but I´mnot shure yet.</font></font></font></span><span class=846165705-06042001></span></blockquote><p>
I wish it always worked as you describe. I have been strugglingwith this for some time now. Usually it works as you indicate above, butoccasionally, for no reason I can determine, it doesn't. This is problematicwhen I send upgraded software to a customer running the run time only versionof VEE, and it doesn't work because the software doesn't recognize theconfiguration. Then I have to install the full version of VEE on his computer,configure the software, and uninstall the full version again. There hasgot to be a better way.
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