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Question asked by michael.asbery on May 27, 2003

Use of the Execute UNIX Object will only work if Vee is hosted on your HP-UX
box.  This is a HP-UX only command.  Why it shows in the menu of the windows
versions (except for cross-platform code-development) I don't know.

If you are in a strictly Unix environment then use the command rexec to
execute a command on another unix machine.
see : (one of many sites
found w/ google)

There are versions of rexec available for windows,  A commercial product I
have used is WebTermX for windows from (No plug, it was
made available for me to use)  This program allows you to create a rexec
session to a unix host. Once created, an Execute PC object should be able to
fire this process. Another way may be to hard code a telnet session to
execute a command (I haven't tried this).

Another idea would be to share a folder on the unix host to the vee host.
Write an execution script to this folder and have a program running on the
unix box that would execute any new files it finds in this folder.

Which method you choose will be based on the task you want to execute on the
remote machine.

Just a few thoughts,

Michael N. Asbery, NRL Code 5733.20, (202)404-3014, DSN 754-3014 fax (202)404-7661          

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From: Gonzalo Urday []
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Hello Scott:

Thanks for the reply, basically I haven't tried the Execute UNIX object,
because I still haven't gotten the UX machine...I did tried the Execute PC
object trying to open a doc file in the remote machine...what the program
did was to open the document on the local machine and not the remote
machine...that's why I thought that using the to/from socket would be
better...any sugestions?



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Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 10:57 PM
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Hi Gonzalo,
     Have you given the 'Execute UNIX prog' object under the I/O menu a try?
I've used it to remotely run commands (ie elm).  Don't have an example with
me at the moment, but post again if you need one.  Maybe someone else out
there has an example?

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From: Gonzalo Urday []
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 6:05 PM
To: VEE vrf
Subject: [vrf] VEE QUESTION

Hello all:

I wanted to know if it is possible using to VEE to issue a remote command,
perhaps using the To/From socket, to an HP-UX machine...if there is any
other way let me know...

Thanks and regards


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