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vrf Segmentation violation (signal = 11)

Question asked by eshaw on Apr 10, 2001
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2001 by mwills
A software program that has been delegated to me occasionally will crash
with Internal Error : Segmentation violation (signal = 11).
I believe I've heard it called the red box of death. Most of the time the
program seems to run fine through these sections of code. I am trying to
find a common cause by having the sotware operators document these crashes
for me. When it does occur the object types are X vs. Y plots being fed data
by variables, records, or collectors.

We also will get occasional Windows error messages stating "90% or more
system resources are in use, blah, blah, blah..."

If anyone has any troubleshooting tips to help me figure how the operating
system memory is getting corrupted please feel free to reply.

The test software was written in Vee version 5 then upgraded to version 6
with Win95/98.

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