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vrf MORE about DrWatson error and veerun.exe

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 2002
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"><html>Hi Jyrki!
A couple of year ago we experienced a similar problem with Vee-Excelon NT4. Excel crashed in the same way in certain situations. The causeof the problem was a sheet with graphs. If you had selected the graph (clickedon it)
and then send data to Excel, (in this case with DDE),  it wouldcrash with "Application exception". The problem occurs even if you openan Excel workbook which is saved with the graph selected.<p>Regards
Svante Sundelin<p> <a href=""></a><p>PS
I did the same test on a system with Win2000 it didn't crash but yougot some error codes when opening the Excel workbook.
DS<p>Jyrki Tujula/Dosesoft Oy wrote:<blockquote TYPE=CITE>Hi everyone!<p>Thanks Ron and Dave for Your response!<p>I did not know that DrWatson make also a log file.
I read that log file and reason for error was as text below.<p>Question 1:
Now I should to understand what Dr.Watson tries to tell me?<p>I use in my VEE code "MS Excel 8.0 Object Library (ActiveX)" for reading
needed testing data.<p>When program has been in running state, my customer has also loadedthe same
or other
Excel testing sheets at same time.<p>Question 2:<p>Could that be a reason for error if Excel is used from ActiveX interfaceand
normally at same time?<p>If anybody has some answers I would appreciate this.<p>Kind Regards,
Jyrki<p>        (Dr. Watson error <p>----------------------------------------------
Microsoft (R) Windows NT (TM) Version 4.00 DrWtsn32
Copyright (C) 1985-1996 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.<p>Application exception occurred:
        App: excel.dbg (pid=133)
        When: 10/31/2001 @ 16:10:14.3
        Exception number: c0000005(access violation)<p>*----> System Information |----*
        Computer Name: TestiPC
        User Name: (User)
        Number of Processors: 1
        Processor Type: x86 Family5 Model 2 Stepping 12
        Windows Version: 4.0
        Current Build: 1381
        Service Pack: 5
        Current Type: UniprocessorFree
        Registered Organization:(Customer)
        Registered Owner: (Customer)<p>*----> Task List |----*
   0 Idle.exe
   2 System.exe
  20 SMSS.exe
  30 CSRSS.exe
  34 WINLOGON.exe
  40 SERVICES.exe
  43 LSASS.exe
  65 SPOOLSS.exe
  91 ORACLE80.exe
 107 OWASTSVR.exe
  89 RPCSS.exe
  84 ATSVC.exe
  96 STRTDB80.exe
 112 PSTORES.exe
  58 NDDEAGNT.exe
  79 EXPLORER.exe
 136 LOADWC.exe
 138 FINDFAST.exe
 140 OSA.exe
 141 vee.exe
 133 EXCEL.exe
  46 EXCEL.exe
 150 EXCEL.exe
 158 vee.exe
 153 DRWTSN32.exe
   0 _Total.exe<p>(30000000 - 30560000) excel.dbg
(77f60000 - 77fbe000) dll
(306c0000 - 30a65000) mso97.dbg
(77dc0000 - 77dff000) dlladvapi32.dbg
(77f00000 - 77f5e000) dllkernel32.dbg
(77e70000 - 77ec4000) dlluser32.dbg
(77ed0000 - 77efc000) dllgdi32.dbg
(77e10000 - 77e67000) dll
(77b20000 - 77bd6000) dllole32.dbg
(30c50000 - 30c50000)
(77c40000 - 77d7c000) dllshell32.dbg
(71590000 - 71617000) COMCTL32.dbg
(77fd0000 - 77ffa000) dllwinmm.dbg
(10000000 - 10000000)
(70360000 - 70360000)
(763a0000 - 763ac000) dllmf3216.dbg
(65340000 - 653d2000) oleaut32.dbg
(65000000 - 650bc000) Vbe.DBG
(65100000 - 6528e000) vba332.DBG
(65300000 - 65327000) vba3en.DBG
(48000000 - 48067000)
(70bd0000 - 70c14000) SHLWAPI.dbg
(77c00000 - 77c18000) drvwinspool.dbg<p>State Dump for Thread Id 0x82<p>eax=01afb000 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000002 edx=00000003 esi=ffffaf0c
eip=301fb5ec esp=0012d634 ebp=0012d854 iopl=0        nv up ei pl nz na po
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=0038 gs=0000
efl=00000206<p>function: Ordinal44
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