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vrf Digitizer question

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 12, 2003
> For example, if I run a 1Khz sine wave into the input (0-10V P-P), I would
> expect that I could read back enough data to display that sine wave on the
> strip chart object in VEE.  All I seam to get are a few data points and
> when I try to increase the number of data points to pull back, I get

Are you using the VEE "Classic" driver or the Plug&Play driver?
(Either one is OK, I can just be more specific with my answer if I know
which one you are using.)
I wrote both of those drivers, so I can help you with the details.
Or you could use direct I/O.

In any case, you need to set the timer and the trigger count.  If you leave
the timer at the default 50 nSeconds, you'll need a lot of samples to see

Have you tried the "Soft Front Panel"?  Use it to get familiar with the

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