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Active-X and segmentation errors

Question asked by bwalden on Feb 12, 2001

I have been having the segment violation  and creeping program size
problems for months when using a number of ActiveX objects.  I almost
always get one or the other if I re-run a program after it has exited
abnormally due to an error.  At this point I rarely see either on a
re-run following a normal exit.  I am using IP-Works UDP, MSComm, and
some MS Common dialog objects.  The only thing I have done which seems
to have made a difference is to be very certain that any port I open is
closed before exit.  I have not needed to use Greg's load and unload
function trick.  I believe Agilent indicates that problems of this
nature can be helped by turning off the de-bugging preference.  I gather
the idea is that Vee keeps objects open just in case you need to examine

I have tried Greenleaf com in the past with Vee 5.01 and had problems -
Vee did not release the handle when a port was closed and a different
handle was assigned each time the port was opened.  Eventually the
program crashed due to lack of memory.  I doubt if this is your problem
since it usually takes quite a bit of time to eat up the available
space.  Still, the Greenleaf code provides a way for you to see the
assigned handle so you might take a look at this.

At some point I intend to try the Greenleaf objects again so I would be
interested in hearing about anything you learn which might be helpful.
The MSComm serial I/O objects work well but Greenleaf has some extra
features which seem useful.

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