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vrf Low CPU Delays in VEE 3.2

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 12, 2001
VEE 3.2 is notorious for "spinning" and consuming all CPU on systems
when executing delays and other waiting type functions.  I have found
a solution that will work in some instances.

I have a little application I wanted to run on my office PC for a
hobby of mine.  I wanted to monitor a low speed data stream on the
serial port and watch and log certain events.  Having VEE eat all CPU
was not an option since it can not interfer with real work, so I played around with some of the objects
available and found that "To/From Socket" in its default state of
connect port 5001, Host name host, Timeout 1, does not sping the CPU.
I added an Error pin which I left unconnected (Does this cause a
memory leak?) and there I have a non-CPU eating 5 second delay.

This is not a solution in the general case.  The 5 second delay makes
the program very slow in responding to inputs or even window changes
so it is not nice for dealing with user input.  But, for watching a
serial port that gets input every 2 or 3 seconds, it works great.  If
you are willing to do a bit of programming (I probably will), you can
make the program only take the long delay when the serial buffer is
empty and the user has not clicked a button in a while.

I hope this helps someone.  It has made this little project possible
for me.


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