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Question asked by g.nied on May 13, 2003

have you ever heard of the small freeware utility 'Blat'?

This is a small exe file that sends a file as an email.

In fact I send this mail with blat (just as a test).

Your vee program should create a text file with the contents
you want to send.
Then the mail is sent by:

blat Mail.txt -to -cc
-subject "Sending email from the command line"
-f "" -server

(all in one line)

There does also exist a blat.dll file so that it can be directly imported into vee.

best regards,

G. Nied

Georg Nied  - Software-Development - Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne - Germany
Tel: +49 2203 9770915 - Fax: +49 2203 9770924 -

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