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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 2001
Rissone Ruggero writes:

> Brian, are you joking ??
> Direct I/O driver are already developed...The only thing to
> do is to read
> the Programming Manual of your VSA, and also you have to read the VEE
> Manual.
> Are you sure that your company is Agilent ??

Rissone, I'm sure he's not joking.  But your comment does serve as a
reminder to me that there's something that is, perhaps, not entirely clear
to the reflector community and would be valuable to clarify.

I'm know that everyone here understands that Agilent is a very large
company, consisting of many geographically diverse divisions.  What may not
be obvious, in the context of this group, is that most of the Agilent folks
who regularly participate here are users just like you.  Users who use VEE
as a tool in their jobs, and have no connection to the organization that
produces VEE. 

This is a users group.  When you read comments here from VEE users who
happen to be Agilent employees, you can generally assume that they're coming
from the same perspective as any other VEE user, with little or no special
internal knowledge.  Some are new to VEE and are somewhat inexperienced, as
Bryan obviously is, some are moderately experienced and some are old hands
and product experts.  Just like the rest of you.

Just FYI.



Scott Turner
Agilent Technologies
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