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vrf VEE communications with an internal modem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 31, 2002
I've got a remote data acquisition system running flawlessly.  What I would like though, is to have a host computer systematically call this remote PC and transfer some of its data.
The remote computer happily takes data and stores it on it's internal hard drive. What I need is the knowledge to communicate through VEE to the PC's run of the mill internal PCI modem. 
THe goal: the host computer will call me through out the day and send me a couple of ASCII commands which I then need to interpret and send back to it the appropriate data. 
Any suggestions?  How do I talk to the modem through VEE.  THe PCI modem sets itself up on COM4.  Through IOConfig, the interfaces setup are COM1 and GPIB7. 

Can anybody help??
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