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AW: vrf 2d array to AccessDatabase

Question asked by g.nied on Feb 1, 2002
here is my example of using ADO but with loops. I don't believe there is
another way to do that.
There are two ways of storing the data in the example:
a) via a recordset
b) via a sql command

My timing results for a 500x5 Real64 array with an Pentium II (256MB/450
MHz/Win2K) are
a) 1.7 s, b) 3.2 s

Hope it helps a bit

     Georg Nied
Test and Measurement
51149 Cologne  Germany

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Auftrag von Orla Poulsen
Gesendet: Dienstag, 29. Januar 2002 15:21
Betreff: vrf 2d array to AccessDatabase

Can somebody tell me if there is a possibility to add a 2dArray like (500,5)
to a table with 5 fields in a database without a loop, because its very

Any help will be a big help, iff it is vee, vb or c++ dosn't matter

Orla Poulsen

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