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vrf Matlab and printers

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 16, 2002

Do you also have this problem when printing other plots under Vee?
I have had a problem with plotting X-Y curves to a HP deskjet Color printer
when I was using WINNT and the HP driver. I only could solve this problem
by taking another printer driver for my printer. I had to take one of a
normal plotter. Now everything works fine but the only thing that stays
wrong is the title bar witch always has a black background.
This problem did not occur when I was using Windows 95.

I hope this helps.

Lots of greetings


Yoeri Arien
Microwave engineer
Emerson & Cuming MWP
Nijverheidstraat 7a
2260 Westerlo

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From:     Alejandro Islas []
Sent:     Tuesday, April 16, 2002 7:17 PM
Subject:     vrf Matlab and printers

Hi guys....I don?t know why but when I try to print a matlab plot I receive
a blank sheet with nothing on it from the printer. Do I have to configure
something on VEE to print correcty a matlab plot??? If not, any idea or
suggestion of what can I do to workaround this problem??? I had send info
to the printer directly from the matlab figure window before without
problems, so I really don?t know what could be wrong.Thanks in advance.
Alejandro Islas
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