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vrf data transfer

Question asked by VRFuser on May 29, 2003

> I know VEE supply DDE and Socket
> transmission in doing such things.

I would use sockets rather than DDE. I believe VEE sockets are based on BSD,
not WinSock 1.1 or 2, so you'll get standard behavior across many platforms.
You may want to ask Agilent about that BSD assumption though.

> Are these methods competent in data
> transfer rate?

Sockets will do as well as your network will allow. DDE will be somewhat

> Can VEE support OPC standards?

VEE itself has no built-in OPC server or client, but I'm aware of at least
one instrument manufacturer that supplies an OPC server that's connectable
to their instrumentation. VEE can be an OPC client via ActiveX client
controls (supplied with the OPC server).

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