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vrf Licensing of VEE - Ignore if you don't like the MA

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 6, 2002
Leaving the legalities aside:

If someone WERE to clone controller chips and build a set of identical MAC
addressed Ethernet cards, AND they also wanted to communicate on their
companies LAN, it would be a really good idea to be sure to buy cheap LAN
cards (like Real-Tech or LinkSys cards) to use as the "License Key" LAN
cards, and install them in your machines but NOT connect them to the LAN.
You would need to do this BEFORE you install the offending software product
that uses MAC addresses in its license key generation algorithm. This would
allow you to STILL maintain LAN/WAN connectivity via your main Network card
~ and use the cloned (and not connected to the LAN) card to enable this
offending software to be used. You are allowed to have multiple NIC's
installed in any machine, as long as you have available PCI (or ISA) slots.

FLASH!!  I wonder if you could use a PCMCIA NIC as the "Licensed MAC" NIC? ~
Of course if you are using a Desktop workstation, you would have to install
a PCI card that had a PCMCIA slot in it in order to do this...Definitely
worth looking into since everyone has PC Card NIC's...You can get a good PCI
Card to PCMCIA adapter here: for $95.00 and then just
use the PCMCIA NIC as a Dongle.

------------- Rambling narrative ------------------------

The more companies that use MAC addresses out of scope like this, the more
likely you will begin to see "CLONED MAC ADDRESS ETHERNET CARD" websites
sprouting up on the Internet as cottage industries. You could purchase a
number of Identically MAC ADDRESS programmed NIC's designed just for the
purpose of defeating the programmers that are foolish enough to use this
Hardware strategy to generate license keys. Using a NIC as a Dongle is
pretty smart - but not smart enough to prevent a determined "Pirate" from
raising his Skull-n-Crossbones flag above a companies MAC based security

I GOT AN IDEA!!!! Instead of spending time and effort on this sort of
bollocks, how about designing some NEW FEATURES and NEW FUNCTIONALITY into
your product?? That would certainly ensure that the current user base would
PAY for upgrades and licenses (like a huge majority of them surely do) for
multiple copies of Development versions. How about building some 'plug-in'
functionality for VEE (similar to the MATLAB integration)? Some really
souped up ActiveX tools, better and more diverse widgets, better API
integration and documentation, cooler Web-based functionality, USB and
Firewire support, etc..

Innovate like you used to do, sound good ?

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"Davis, Jeff" <> wrote:
> A. For those that do NOT use a LAN for connectivity or have multiple LAN
> cards in your computer, it would probably be a lot more efficient to just
> unsolder and copy the ROM chip in your "Licensed NIC" with an EEPROM
> programmer (if you know how to do this that is) and then install the
> controller chip(s) in a few other identical LAN cards so that you can
> this MAC address licensing nightmare - of course, that would be a license
> violation and a general pain in the ***.

Leaving the legalities aside...

Note that Jeff was careful to point out that this is only
for folks who do NOT use a LAN. For those that do use a LAN
having multiple identical MAC's becomes problematic.


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