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FW: vrf VEE and Thermotron

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 3, 2006
Sure thing Les (the following is brought to you by Les Hammer).

We now know a ViObject is a long and a ViSession is a long. Good call on ViBoolean aye? And the equivalent is? short! Reiner, this is basically all the info necessary to get the IVI driver working - without going through the IVI VEE thing.


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Hi Shawn,

Could you please forward this on to vrf.  I'm on my other computer and vrf doesn't know the alternate email name.

> There are three unknowns now:
>  ViResource,  ViSession and ViBoolean.

From visatype.h:

typedef unsigned long       ViUInt32;
typedef unsigned short      ViUInt16;
typedef ViUInt32            ViObject;
typedef ViObject            ViSession;
typedef ViUInt16            ViBoolean;

I don't see ViResource, but:

#if (defined(WIN32) || defined(_WIN32) || defined(__WIN32__) ||
defined(__NT__)) && !defined(_NI_mswin16_) #define _VI_FAR #elif defined(_CVI_) && defined(_NI_i386_) #define _VI_FAR ##elif (defined(_WINDOWS) || defined(_Windows)) && !defined(_NI_mswin16_)
#define _VI_FAR             _far
#elif (defined(hpux) || defined(__hpux)) && (defined(__cplusplus) ||
#define _VI_FAR
#define _VI_FAR

#define _VI_PTR             _VI_FAR *
typedef char                ViChar;
typedef ViChar      _VI_PTR ViPChar;
typedef ViPChar             ViString;
typedef ViString            ViRsrc;

~~Les Hammer

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