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vrf Return of uint8 values from DLL into VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 9, 2006
> I wanted to let you know that I tested the two methods, and there is no large difference between them in terms of timing.  
In that case I'd probably go with the dll method.  It involves fewer physical parts to wear out and will get faster as CPU's get faster.
>   I tested the timing by using VEE to tell me the time between when the loop started and finished, is this ok?  
Should be ok.
>  I believe that the rate determining step here is the data acquisition and processing by the card,  
For many data acq tests these days that is the case.  At more than a billion (1e9 for non-US) clocks per second you can do a lot of number crunching in a millisecond.  If you need the speed look at the measurement equipment and IO methods.  Getting a 1000 element array of data from the equipment rather than a single point of data 1000 times is much faster.  On the other hand, if the equipment can crunch the 1000 points of data into the one number answer you need then that is much faster.


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