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vrf COM control for E8363

Question asked by mark.goldberg on Nov 6, 2003
Hello VRF,

I am working on the PNA portion of my program and want to use COM to
transfer the data and control the analyzer. I have the vee_com.vee and it
works for getting the Corrected data. I need to get the (dB, Phase) output
array. I have a two part question. First what parameters do I put in there.
Second is there somewhere that has a complete list that is E8363A(B)

This is from the vee_com.vee;

data=meas.getData(naCorrectedData, naDataFormat_LogMag);
naCorrectedData, naDataFormat_LogMag. Where do I find these parameters.

I also see "IArrayTrans.getPairedData" in the Com versus SCPI document.
Should I use this? Is there something with a little more detail?

Does Agilent have any training for advanced VEE users for this. Also an
ActiveX Vee class would be nice. Not the Half day in the advanced VEE class
though, I have already had that.


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