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vrf A menu / dll question.

Question asked by rsb on Nov 13, 2003
"Goldberg, Mark" <Mark.Goldberg@ATK.COM> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Having not used dll's much and wanting the "Windows Style Menu" I have a
> question. If I were to get someone to write a dll file for me to create a
> menu could it be displayed in the development environment as a menu or would
> the dll have to be executed by the program? Also can it be displayed as part
> of the VEE program since it might not be addable to the Vee panel? I have a
> relative that is both my personal programming and one of my companies
> experts. From what I have seen and heard he is our Shawn for C++ and he
> might be able to help. If it can and it does work I will post it here for
> all to use. 

if you get them to write it as a COM object ( or .NET for future use) then
you can use the "ActiveX Control" mechanism and use the object inside
of VEE. (See the examples under the help menu). At that point it is part
of the VEE program and can be on panels, etc.

A DLL isn't "executed" per se but rather become spart of the program at
run time.



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