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vrf Agilent VEE and Instrunet I/O

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 2006
Does anyone have knowledge of using the Instrunet INET 100 and 200 with version 7.00 of VEE.
General I/O is fine using the Instrunet examples but I am having problems setting the clock output on the INET 200 module.
 I have used the Call INet_genric  VEE example that ships with Instrunet and managed to generate a clock pulse when the routine is activated but cannot see how to change the clock period. To get to this point I used the Settings Group (-14), FieldNum (1) and Field value (3), Fieldvalue being placed in the GetVariable location of the Call INet_Generic routine.
What I cannot see is how to then input the clock period (FieldNum 2) value in seconds in Fieldvalue and then clock out high (FieldNum 3) value in seconds in Fieldvalue.
Thanks in anticipation


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