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vrf Problems with deleting Library when changed during runtime ???

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 12, 2006

I have encountered a weird problem, which I hope someone can explain to me.

Problem description:
I have a shell.vee application which imports an instrument driver (actually many drivers). The instrument driver sends SCPI commands to the instrument through the GPIB interface. The shell.vee application performs a few tests on my Device Under Test and when the test has finished the instrument driver is deleted (with a "Delete Library" Object).

The problem occurs when the instrument drivers are deleted at the end of the test. When the driver is being deleted, an "Instrument configuration/Properties" window is raised. I Press Cancel and Abort a few times and then the VEE program gets in a state where it hangs and you can not stop the program.

I have discovered that this problem happens when these two conditions are fulfilled:
A Direct IO object has been fed with a "Devicename" input, that is different from its current IO Config.
This causes the configuration to change. If you pause the program and open the Instrument Manager (during run-time), you'll see a "*" at the end of the filename.

The imported Instrument driver contains an "Instrument Event (Spoll)" object.

I have attached a small example of this problem (files: shell.vee and spoll.lib). Start the shell.vee program (with either Start or Run button) and then click on the "OK" button. If the problem does not show up on the first loop, then click "OK" button again. It is assumed you have an GPIB interface with some instrument attached (you probably need to change GPIB address in program as well).

WHY is this problem showing up??? Can anyone else see this or is it just my machine? How can I fix this?


I use:
VEE: 7.03
Windows: 2000, SP4

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