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vrf GPIB serial number

Question asked by brian-tn_chi on Oct 31, 2003
Ok, this is officially becoming a pain in the rear. My SetWindowLong call is
failing with Access Denied. That can only mean that the thread that's
calling it does not belong to the VEE process, but I thought that I was
making an in-process server. Rather than fight VB, I'm going to change tack
here a little.

It was a good thought, but this method will obviously not work. I need *two*
dlls: one regular compiled dll that contains the subclassing WindowProc and
two functions: one returns the address of said WindowProc and one sets the
value of a global that's a reference to the Automation object that fires the
event. The other dll is the Automation library containing a single event
that is used to relay notification to VEE. I hope the whole thing can be
installed on the fly, but the event plumbing may prevent that - I don't know

It's getting spooky kids! Now I have to try to remember how to use
_com_ptr_t and I dunno if I can do that before tomorrow morning, though it
will be worth having a generalized callback method for VEE 5 & above.

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