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vrf Windows 16 bit functions in VEE 6.2

Question asked by g.nied on Nov 24, 2003
As far as I can remember this was due to a wrong entry in the registry.
Check your entry under


mine is:

"C:ProgrammeHewlett-PackardVEE 5.0vee.exe" "%1"

including all the quotation marks. Especially around %1

Hope it helps,

G. Nied

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Subject: [vrf] Windows 16 bit functions in VEE 6.2 (25-Nov-2003 9:05)

> Dear all,
> I graded up from VEE 6.01 to VEE 6.2 and found the following new effect.
> Assume a folder with a file "testfile1.vee".
> Double clicking on "testfile1.vee" starts VEE and loads this file, however
> in the blue bar on top of the window, you can read the file name
> "testfi~1.vee". This well-known 16-bit feature is not very nice, as
> subsequent saving of the program will actually generate a file with name
> "testfi~1.vee".
> Starting VEE and then opening a file from the file menu does not show this
> mistake.

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