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vrf Excel version in ActiveX Automation References

Question asked by VRFuser on May 10, 2006
Latest reply on May 10, 2006 by VRFuser
Great, this is working now after unchecking the "Specify Object Type".

Thanks for the help.

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De : Carnahan, Lyle []
Envoyé : 9 mai 2006 17:24

In your global variable declarations you would need to uncheck the box that "Specify Object Type". With this checked VEE is trying to access the type declarations for a reference that is no longer valid. You will then get an error that xlMaximized is an undeclared variable.

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De : Shawn Fessenden [] Envoyé : 9 mai 2006 14:41

> Is there a way to tell VEE to use the version it can find?

Unless you're using CreateObject not really. When you check an Automation Reference, VEE stores the typelib GUID in the VEE source. If that GUID doesn't exist on the computer that runs the code, you get the error.

To avoid the error, don't bother checking an Automation Reference. The difficulty there is it disables the Function & Object Browser and any names (like xlMinimized and so on) can't be used in code (use their enum or defined values instead).

A happy medium is to uncheck the reference when you release the code. When it's transported to another computer, it will still run as long as you stay away from any names defined in the typelib.

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De : Beliveau, Bruno []
Envoyé : 9 mai 2006 14:32

I have computers with different Excel version.  From VEE, in "Device-->ActiveX Automation References", most of my computers have "Microsoft Excel 8.0 Object Library" listed, but some have "Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library".  VEE reports an error when loading a program made with the later version from a computer with an older version installed (like Excel 97).  Is there a way to tell VEE to use the version it can find?

Note: I am using VEE 5 on Win NT, 2000 and XP.

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