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vrf Dude...where's my UserFunction???

Question asked by adam_kohler on Aug 20, 2001
Try hitting  Ctrl Home keys.

All the objects then appear in the screen.

Adam Kohler
Agilent Technologies UK Limited
South Queensferry
West Lothian
Scotland EH30 9TG

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Subject: vrf Dude...where's my UserFunction???

This has happened to me one other time.  It took a while, but I was able
to get all of my objects to reappear back on the screen by changing
colors and hitting different keys.  I got them return, but I don't know
what exaclty I did.
I did this again and rather hit keys at random, I thought I'd ask
someone what weird mode I'm in and how do I get out of it.
Attached is the userfunction that I can't find.  Both times, it went
into this mode while I was moving the mouse around quickly on the
desktop connecting input and output pins.
I'm using Vee 6.01 on a Win98 machine.
Thanks in advance.

(note: The subject line of this email came from a low budget,
"straight-to-video" movie called "Dude...where's my car?" It was
released here in the US this summer.  My apologies to anyone who might
be confused.)

Shawn Crossland
Digital Receiver Technology Inc.
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