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AW: TR : vrf VEE pro 6.0 & .net

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 20, 2006
Hi Michel,
This out off office is a "standard behavior" as many people are working outside the office or do have holidays.
Or watch soccer champioship
You will get these replys once a day with your first post.
It has nothing to do with your mail ...

No need for X-files spooking..

Best regards,


Von: JOSEPH michel []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 15:44
Betreff: TR : [vrf] VEE pro 6.0 & .net


Finally, I have find how to use DotNet and HP VEE PRO 6.0 (with CallableVeeServer)

The VEE bug is fixed in VEE PRO 6.03 Patch download at Agilent web site.

Another mail with title " 2005 et VEE pro 6."  Has generate a real panic in offices

It is comic to see how "VB.Net" string name in this forum produce   "Out off Office Auto Reply" from

Is Bill GATES the Big Satan for Agilent ?

I'm very happy to find myself the solution.

Best regards


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