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vrf Measurement Computing (CB) with Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on May 26, 2006
> Hi, I'm new to this reflector group.

Howdy - welcome.

> I'm looking for some good advice on how to succeed.

On the whole, I think things should be fairly painless. Just load your old 4 programs and they will work with a minimum of fuss & bother (except of course where you have to update the MC library). The Execution Mode (File->Default Preferences, General tab, Execution Mode radio group) should already be set to VEE 4. If you want to use newer features you can set it higher (ActiveX = 5, new data types = 6, .NET = 7) but you may find some objects behave a bit differently & the compiler is a bit fussier.

> "The procedure entry point SMapLS_IP_EBP_20 could not be located in
> the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll".

Bummer man. That function was in Windows 9x & early versions of NT, but no longer. I think it got dropped in W2K. "Selector Map Local Selector"
something or other. EBP is usually the start of local vars, 20... frame size? Well, it doesn't help much. I don't know how to cure this problem other than talk to the manufacturer. This problem is not unheard of. Install programs need to realize they may be dependant on special versions of kernel32.

Ok, try this: get an old NT4 Workstation install CD and copy kernel32.dll to the MC application directory. When it tries to load kernel32.dll it will find the local copy before the pathed copy and load it - maybe. Kernel32 is always mapped into every process so it might not work. You can also try calling LoadLibrary explicitly with the path to the older kernel32.dll. It would look something like this (import these functions from kernel32.dll - the real one):

int __stdcall LoadLibraryA(char *pFile); int __stdcall FreeLibrary(int hMod);

Then in a formula box:

hMod = LoadLibraryA("c:\Program Files\Measurement Computing\whatever\kernel32.dll");

Then call the MC init. After you're done using the universal library, do:


If that doesn't fix it, nothing will. Call MC and see if you can get through to the guy that wrote the install. There's probably some obscure combination of stellar alignments that caused his install to fail in this particular XP case (I think I remember seeing several people using MC on XP with no problem).

Finally, you can try The Archive but I don't see anything about this particular problem. At least you can read about others' experiences with MC.

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