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vrf VEE/Broadcast Message Error

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 13, 2006
> Once a week the network servers are
> rebooted and before they are rebooted
> a broadcast message is sent.

Broadcast how? I ask because if the messenger service isn't running, it's impossible to receive anything from NET SEND.

> The problem that I am having is that
> the broadcast message always appears
> on the main panel and takes the form
> of the VEE panel?

Fascinating. I'd like to see a screen shot of that.

> It appears that the message takes
> priority over the VEE app?

It appears that the message completely messes VEE up. An app or system modal dialog will not allow input to any other child windows (associated with it's
parent) until it is dismissed. That kind of sounds like what's going on, but not exactly. Messenger service dialog windows do not behave this way. As the messenger service isn't even running however, it's a complete mystery how the message even gets from the wire to the screen.

> On all 11 PCs the message service is turned off.

NET SEND requires:

  1. Messenger service must be running.
  2. RPC must be started.
  3. NetBIOS over TCP/IP must be enabled on the LAN.

Assuming the message *is* broadcast with NET SEND (and it's a real stretch to imagine it isn't), is the VEE remote service manager running (veesm.exe)?

Quick & Dirty fix: snort traffic on the LAN as the message is being sent.
Turn on Windows Firewall and block the port it comes in on. Alternative (because it probably involves dynamic ports): block ports 135 and 445 (TCP and UDP) or disable RPC (same effect either way). Unfortunately that will also break some other network stuff.

What's Going On?
No clue. If veesm is running I suppose it's just barely possible that endpoint resolution is getting mixed up and feeding VEE somehow, but I really doubt it. I use VEE RPC along with Windows RPC with no problem and I can't reproduce your problem using NET SEND.

If veesm *isn't* running, then it's difficult to see how this is possible.
It would probably be a really good idea to snort Windows messages being sent to VEE as the message is broadcast, then work your way backwards. SOMETHING is receiving a broadcast and then totally messing with VEE.

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