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vrf Again: Problem with GPIB: logical unit

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 31, 2006
To add further information to my mail 31.8.06 12:06 (MEZ=GMT+1h) I have attached the GPIBREP.TXT, which was established today.
You can find, that *IDN?, *STB? and *OPC? worked properly. As well as the simple command: MEAS:VOLT:DC? which delivered an answer (nothing on the input!).
I cannot understand why VEE does not do the same.
Strange: When I'm using the instrument manager of VEE (IO-Setup is included in the program), and ask for [Find Instruments] it offers me beside the serial ports and the GPIB32 with all connected instruments a GPIB14 -this was the old one!- having a new instrument of no response at 1422=> timeout. 
Very strange.
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