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vrf Bringing the UNIX functions to the Windows version of VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 4, 2003
Hmmm... stdin, stdout & stderr. Shouldn't be that awfully hard to do. Both
Georg and I (and probably others as well) have stdout capture functions -
and the principal is similar for stdin & stderr. The main problem with
Windows is that these streams are held by the Console (command processor
more or less) so any entity that wishes to use them must be running under
the auspices of a console. In Windows this isn't the case - a GUI
application (VEE) doesn't normally use a console so it doesn't have stdin
stdout & stderr.

The easiest thing I can think of to do is capture these streams & make them
available to VEE as string arrays. It shouldn't be too difficult to build
this capability into the Execute Program PC object, but the thing is it
wouldn't always work. VEE can go ahead and redirect these streams, but then
the executed program can go ahead and do whatever else it wants to with
them - cutting off VEE entirely.

And of course some of the most useful commands are built into the command
processor itself - which can do it's own redirection. All in all I don't
know if it would ever make it high enough on the "ToDo" list to actually get

I can't remember what I used this in. I'll scrum around and find it for you.
If you think it might prove useful I can expand it to stdin & stderr at some

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