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vrf Dialog boxes in VEE 7.51

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 31, 2006
Or you can CLICK A FEW TIMES in the field, and if you are GOOD with the timing of your clicks, you can get there... FAST?

I have seen several of this editing inconsistencies in VEE7.5

For instance if you have just placed an object in the VEE workspace, and want to change the Title. You click on the Title field in the Properties tab. Now, again if you are GOOD with you timing, ONE, TWO, THREE... clicks will highlight the text in the field so that you can overwrite it?

Wouldn't it be better to be able to do that with ONE click

After all, a, article posted recently on the VRF "A Test Engineer’s Evaluation of Graphical Programming" (which can be found by searching, states on Page
12 gives a comparison "...number of mouse clicks, tab, and space key hits required to create..." an application in VEE vs LabView.

I wonder if this is still true? But even if it is true, are those extra clicks needed?

Hope the VEE Team addresses these issues with priority.


--- "Schlieker, Reiner" <> wrote:

> Does anybody else have trouble getting into the 3rd and 4rth fields of
> the text, integer, or real dialog boxes on VEE 7.51?  This seems like
> a bug to me, but I'd like to know if others are seeing it as well. 
> Whenever I click to get into these fields on the object, it just trys
> to highlight parts of the 1st field.  I have to click on the 1st field
> and tab to the 3rd field to change it.

> Reiner

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