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vrf Mouse Location within a picture

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 7, 2006
> Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried it out and it works well. 
> My only concern is the speed of this process.  Does it slow things
> down to write to the file and then bring it back in?

Too many variables in there to know until you try it.
One variable is your computer.  It may use RAM cache for small files and
never really touch the Hard disk until the end.  In which case it should be
fast.  (Hmmm, maybe using a USB memory stick would work better?  I haven't
done any speed test on it.)

The other variable is how fast can VEE do a loop.  Sometimes things don't go
very fast in loops.  Too much overhead.  There again a lot depends upon your

Fortunately it doesn't take too much effort to try all 4 methods given here.
(or to try at least 2)  Try it and see.  (And let us know so we have a test

~~Les Hammer

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