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vrf Audio Alarm

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 9, 2003
> I just tried Shawn's suggestion, and it works

Cool. I love it when that happens.

There's much fun to be had playing with this. My BIOS uses one or both of
these bits to turn on a tone generator that feeds the speaker. Next to the
control address is a divider address for the tone generator, and somewhere
there's a base frequency selector.

There's a lot of cool stuff down there in the BIOS that's been forgotten
about in the last ten years. I suggest an older version of Ralph Brown's
Interrupt List. It contains BIOS details for a wide variety of computers,
not to mention the fact that a lot of that INT stuff still applies.

Many of the old DOS interrupts are still accessible via both DOS and NTVDM,
though Microsoft almost always suggests using one of the virtual device
drivers to access the old stuff. It probably won't be long before VWIN32
disappears entirely. Sigh...

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