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vrf Minimimze Window on Second PC (Tek7000 series scope)

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 26, 2003

there where some similar questiones already, but I think they did not answer
my special needs. So maybe somebody can help me out there ...

We did some programming of a Tek7000 series scope via VEE and GPIB. Means
that we do have a second PC where VEE is running, and just controlling the
Scope part of the Tek scope via GPIB. We are using also the Jitter3 Software
from TEK for this measurements. This Jitter3 is a Java based standalone
Windows application on the Tek Scope PC (so not the PC where VEE is
running). So far so good, as Jitter3 can be programmed also via GPIB. But
the problem is, that Tek forgot to add the functionallity to minimize the
JItter3 Window in the programming interface, and Jitter3 is popping up quite
often without being asked for this.
And this causes our problem. We would like to make a screenshot, but Jitter3
is in foreground, and therefore we do not have a chance to make the
screenshot without manually minimizing the Jitter3 Window!

So hat I'm looking for now is a way to minimize the Java application of
Jitter3 (without closing it) on the Scope PC....

Any ideas how to do that ??



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