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vrf Problems communicating with Infiniium Scope

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 22, 2004

We recently took delivery of an Infiniium Oscilloscope, a 54853A with the
extra memory option.

I have successfully captured some waveform data from the scope using the
GPIB interface and Agilent Vee (Ver 6.01).  The problems arise when I try to
capture a lot of data.  For instance, when I set up the scope to a specific
sample rate (250Ms/s) and a set number of datapoints (16.4 million), it does
not seem to be able to return the data.

The scope has a debug mode whereby it echoes the GPIB commands on the
screen.  Using this it would appear that the scope is behaving as expected,
but Vee is simply not reading the data from the bus.  It quite simply
executes the command and then the program stops.  There are no error
messages at this point.

I then try getting the data again (WAV:DATA?) and I get a Query Interrupted
error.  If I clear everything and then re-run the program, again it simply
stops.  If I now try to repeat the READ command I get a strange error:
   Unknown parameter: Binary Block Format #*
   Error number: 641
(where * is actually a square obviously representing a byte of information
that it can't convert into a readable character.)

Does the above error indicate that the first READ command had started and
then quit, allowing the second READ command to start half way through the
data stream and not get the required length information?

My other questions:
- Is there an upper limit to the amount of data that Vee can read from a
- I am using a National Instruments GPIB card and using the NI VISA; are
there any known issues which could cause symptons like this?

I'm hoping someone out there has a better clue than me!

Graeme Hilton
Schlumberger Sensa

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