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vrf VEE Training schedule in the US

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 15, 2003
Hello US vrf-ers,

We have recently posted the schedule of VEE training classes to be held in the US on the Agilent web. Both classes are currently using the 6.2 version of VEE.

You can view course information and the schedule for the Introduction to VEE at ... tryFltr=US

For the Advanced VEE class go to ... tryFltr=US

In both cases, to see the schedule, click on the "where and when" link.

If you don't see the class you want in the place that you want, there are a couple of options.

1. We can teach a dedicated class at your location. This can be at your facility, an Agilent facility or a hotel. Contact for more details.

2. We keep a list of those who would like a particular class and location. If we get enough interest, we'll schedule a class at or near that location. Please make us aware of your needs. The best way to do this is to e-mail In your e-mail, include the class you are interested in, the preferred location, the approximate time frame, and if you are willing to travel if necessary. If you want to discuss your training needs, just include your phone number in your message and we'll call you.

The processes above apply to the US and Canada only. No matter where you are in the world, you can always get information about training opportunities for VEE or many other Agilent courses in your country by using the 'contact us' link on the Agilent web page.


Gary Carbon
Agilent Technologies

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