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vrf excel date/time

Question asked by daved63 on Jan 24, 2004
<DIV><DIV>I have written an application in VEE Pro that uses activex to export data to excel for printing of data sheets. I am having a problem with the excel date time format. I formatted the VEE data into date/time strings that are a valid input in excel if you type them in manually, but when the program inputs the data excel thinks they are text strings and does not recognize them as a date/time. If I open the data sheet in excel and double-click the cell containing the string and then exit the cell without editing, excel then recognizes it as a date/time. I worked around the problem by writing a function to convert the VEE (now) output to an excel time number and writing that to excel but it is always UTC based. Is there a way around this behavior?</DIV><DIV>Thanks,</DIV><DIV>Dave</DIV></DIV><p><hr SIZE=1>Do you Yahoo!?
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