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Question asked by lbill on Feb 10, 2004
> Has anyone tried to split a file into user
> defined sizes using VEE?


> Any idea how file splitting programs (such as
> file-split, file chopper etc...) split files
> very quickly?


> Is it possible to implement these in VEE?

Yup. Read the entire thing at once (very fast). Use a UInt8 array for the
destination. Then write out the chunk files directly from the array without
moving or re-reading anything. Like:

Read myFile size 100 bytes, write chunks of 20 bytes.

read all
write "myFile.chunk01" Data[00:19]
write "myFile.chunk02" Data[20:39]
write "myFile.chunk03" Data[40:59]
write "myFile.chunk04" Data[60:79]
write "myFile.chunk05" Data[80:99]

The only pain is generating the chunk names and array indecies, but you can
use some clever array trickery to do all that without looping.

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