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vrf quitting Excel... once more for the Gipper!

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 3, 2004
> And of course there is no way to turn off the debug features
> programmatically... or is there?

Wellll... ah shoot. Nope. I was going to suggest SendKeys("%ff{8 Tab}{Space}{Enter}") but Disable debug is grayed while a program is running. Well it's not that horrible. Use KillProcess.vee and you can leave debug features on.

Microsoft never said exactly what the problem was (not that I remember anyway). It's too bad - if it was just an internal reference counting problem (common - probably the most common mistake of all of COM) then one should be able to call Release on an Excel reference until it returns 1 - at which point even if the server didn't quit at least it wouldn't be busy any more.

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