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vrf scroll mouse

Question asked by scubaman on Feb 9, 2004

For me, this is Vee specific...  I don't have other problems with these
surprises.  In earlier versions of the mouse SW maybe, but not lately.

Yesterday, I would open Vee, retrieve program I last worked on from the
'recent' entries.  The 'main' screen is more than a screen tall, has scroll
bars, but the wheel did not work.  Several times.

Today, same scenario, but the screen scrolls!  I did not even power down
the machine in between!  It's my laptop in a docking station, and I left it
at work.

Well, it seems like this is just one of these annoying things I need to
live with.  I was just wondering whether there was some known interaction,
because I sure have not been able to make rhyme or reason of it.
Richard Kleinhenz
Wafer Engineering

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Hello (again) from Gregg C Levine
Richard, your not the only one who has that problem..... I have it,
with a lot of other programs, sometimes with VEE, most of the times
not. To reset your mouse, you need to select the icon in the taskbar,
and follow the steps they give. While your at it, double check that
this peculiar behavior exists with other programs, if it does then my
hypothesis is indeed correct.

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