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vrf What's my IP address?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 2004
> (IP Works from devSoft Inc.)

IP Works should have a "local IP" property somewhere that will tell you your
local IP. If not, it's easy enough to get it from the Winsock auto library:
Set s = CreateObject("MSWinsock.Winsock"); then your IP is s.LocalIp. There
are plenty of ways to get at it if that's  unsatisfactory.

One of the most solid I can think of offhand would be to use gethostbyname.
The basic sequence would be GetComputerName, gethostbyname, copy the first
entry in the returned HOSTENT's h_addr_list  member to an IN_ADDR struct and
call inet_ntoa on it. The result is a dotted internet address as a string.

You could get it right from the TCP layer and bypass winsock but that would
be a pretty harrowing experience. It might be difficult to dig up the right
control codes to send the driver, and even when you do find them duplicating
the CTL_CODE macro can be frustrating.

Always reject the loopback address (127.x.x.x).

Broadcasting is a heavy duty subject! Does this IP Works just abstract it

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